Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rabbits (and not the Easter kind)

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This week's For Fun Challenge is brought to you by the letter "K", or more precisely, K-N-K designs. The theme is non-Easter rabbits, so I chose to go with a "Get Well" rabbit instead. Here he is, reading to a sweet wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier (or possibly a Parson Russell terrier. It's hard to tell from a digistamp, especially when the dog is question is mostly hidden by a blanket. It's not like I need to know specifically or anything. He's certainly not going to be used to breed. He's neutered after all. How do I know? Because, no dog I'm in charge of would be allowed to keep his goolies. I've spent enough of my life trying to find homes for the litters of puppies *other* people's unaltered animals have caused.
 Come to think of it, this card is actually quite appropriate for the newly de-nutted dog, to wish him a quick recovery. I've never seen one of those at Hallmark. Anyway, I hope that you'll be inspired to join us this week in taking on the For Fun Challenge.

    Doggie Break! Doggie Break!

Sleeping Usagi didn't so much as stop snoring when Revco decided to use her as a chair. Zzzzz.

Have a great Wednesday!


Kathy D. said...

what an adorable image. Who's is it?

Scrappy Rat said...

Hi Kathy!
It's KnK designs. I love her stuff! The dogs and bunnies are just so cute. There's a link in my post, but sadly she has closed her shop. I'm hoping it's due to something good like getting picked up by a stamp company so we don't miss out on her adorable characters, but I don't know why she closed it. Her work is just too good to let it die out like that. Let's hope we see her designs pop up somewhere soon!