Sunday, April 3, 2011

Card Cupids Challenge: Something Silly This Week

*If you're looking for the Alpha Stamps Blog Hop post and/or the giveaway post, it's the one just before this one, so scroll down. :)
Card Cupids  collects handmade cards for kids in hospital. They also host fun weekly challenges to keep making the cards interesting. Here's mine for this week's silly card challenge. My cats never boogie. Heck, if they could get as close together as these two without having a swat fight, I'd be shocked.

And while we're on the topic of silliness, here's Usagi looking very guilty as she takes a taste of the couch for some reason. I caught her on film, right in the act. What is wrong with our couch that dogs want to lick it?!

Happy World Rat Day, Everyone! How about a giveaway drawing?

 Happy World Rat Day! Okay, I'm a little early, but in my house, we celebrate rats everyday! This (above) is one of the cards I created for this year's celebration. It's not easy to find stamps with globes and rodents (hint hint all you digi stamp artists who regularly get paypaled by me. :)) 
Recognize this picture? Some of you's Vincent, one of my boys, and it's also the photo on my business cards for my shop. Love that twitchy nose and those magnificent wiskers.

While you continue to marvel at his cuteness, let me tell you about my little giveaway. I accidentally put two of the same item in my "cart" and paid without noticing until the box arrived at my door. Oops! Well, my dorky mistake is YOUR gain...someone who leaves me some world rat day wishes in my comment box will be chosen at random to win this book and cd of Wild and Domestic Animals clip art. Lots of possibilites await inside...use them as digi stamps, to collage stuff, to make your own embellishments and stickers, or for whatever sort of project you think needs more animals on it. Don't thank me, thank the ratties of the world, for without them, we wouldn't be celebrating their holiday!

Here's one taken with my old pal, Paxil, who I miss very much. She and her best pal, Ether, pictured below, were the rats who got me started in rodent rescue. I'm assaulting her with a tiny pair of antlers in the above photo. She refused to wear them, but managed to make me look plenty silly in the photos, so all's well that ends well. :)
 Ether uses her glowing eyes to contact the mothership. "Come," they say, "we have infiltrated the oatmeal!"

 A very special girl of mine, these two pics are of Drucilla, a special needs rat with a heart 10 times her body size. She had a facial deformity that caused most of her teeth to fall out, while the remaining few would grow rapidly into tusks her vet dremmelled down regularly. She was cuddly and playful and quite the shoulder surfer. She loved to play in the bathroom sinks, so if she looks a little damp, that's why.
 The winky girl trying to squirm out of Scott's hand, below, is Twinkle, who arrived at our rescue pregnant along with her sister, Kitty. I ended up adopting most of their female offspring and enjoyed their company till they all passed on over the years. They were a wonderful mischief (for those who aren't rat folk, that's indeed the term for a group of rats. Could anything be more appropriate?)

And this last photo was taken at an adoption event at Ed McKay Books and More. I'm sorry to say I can't remember who is in the photo. I'm thinking it's Glitter, one of my own girls, just there to greet people who were new to rats, but I may be wrong and that could possibly be a foster rat. No matter who it is, I love this photo. I love that inquisitve look as she checks out a new hand. :)

Celebrate the rats you know this week!