Sunday, April 3, 2011

Card Cupids Challenge: Something Silly This Week

*If you're looking for the Alpha Stamps Blog Hop post and/or the giveaway post, it's the one just before this one, so scroll down. :)
Card Cupids  collects handmade cards for kids in hospital. They also host fun weekly challenges to keep making the cards interesting. Here's mine for this week's silly card challenge. My cats never boogie. Heck, if they could get as close together as these two without having a swat fight, I'd be shocked.

And while we're on the topic of silliness, here's Usagi looking very guilty as she takes a taste of the couch for some reason. I caught her on film, right in the act. What is wrong with our couch that dogs want to lick it?!


Steph said...

Cute card! Thanks for joining the Card Cupids challenge this week.

Donna said...

Love your card! Our dogs lick the carpet...