Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rough Day/Rough Play

Or perhaps I could have titled this Degenerate/Degenerate (one pronounced each way)?

Feeling quite ill today with my miserable Degenerative Disk Disease. Hence, I degenerate. This is by far the unfun type of dengeneration. I'm trying to do a kajillion things, among them, making rat and mouse cards for the next round of Vegan Sample Bags--a really neat project on Etsy.com that introduces buyers to lots of cool vegan crafters' products while donating all the proceeds to highly worthy animal causes. Check out the current one at: http://vegansamples.etsy.com/.

I have both contributed to the bags and bought them, so I can assure you, they are officially neat frito. Of course, pain has assaulted me today so I got absolutely nothing done. Often I can't decide which is worse: sustaining the pain itself, or the time eating black hole the pain creates.

So, I'm trying to cheer myself up with a rousing browse at Etsy and what do I find but a store of vegan delights that offers something I dare say we all need (or, at least I do, anyway): a little vegan discipline. Hence, I would like to introduce you to Deviant, a store that understands that cruelty should always be consensual. Whether you are looking for actual playthings or just a smidge of fashion, it's nice to be able to find a cruelty-free option that's intentionally so, made by a genuine craftsperson, not by machines. It's leatherless by choice, not because it's a cheapo knockoff.