Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rabbits (and not the Easter kind)

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This week's For Fun Challenge is brought to you by the letter "K", or more precisely, K-N-K designs. The theme is non-Easter rabbits, so I chose to go with a "Get Well" rabbit instead. Here he is, reading to a sweet wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier (or possibly a Parson Russell terrier. It's hard to tell from a digistamp, especially when the dog is question is mostly hidden by a blanket. It's not like I need to know specifically or anything. He's certainly not going to be used to breed. He's neutered after all. How do I know? Because, no dog I'm in charge of would be allowed to keep his goolies. I've spent enough of my life trying to find homes for the litters of puppies *other* people's unaltered animals have caused.
 Come to think of it, this card is actually quite appropriate for the newly de-nutted dog, to wish him a quick recovery. I've never seen one of those at Hallmark. Anyway, I hope that you'll be inspired to join us this week in taking on the For Fun Challenge.

    Doggie Break! Doggie Break!

Sleeping Usagi didn't so much as stop snoring when Revco decided to use her as a chair. Zzzzz.

Have a great Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hey! It's not a card!

 You may have been wondering if I ever make anything other than cards, and I do, I just forget to post them here all that often. This week, For Fun Challenges reminded me to post something different with their anything-but-a-card challenge. I made this little business card toting tin--actually two--one for me, one for Etsy, both with this painfully cute rat terrier digital stamp from a favorite of mine, Melonheadz! If you have not been a regular over at her site, you are missing out. For one thing, she generously shares a large number of her creations free of charge, fully addicting you to her distinctive style that's beyond adorable. I think it's the slightly off-kilter eyes that I can't resist. But then she can make a blender evoke cries of, "awwwwww!" so that can't explain it all.
 But wait, you haven't begun to hear how much I love this designer because...guess what! Oh heck, you'll never guess. I'll just tell you...she designed this stamp (and his other canine pals) for me! I freaked. Like, really I have no idea how to go about thanking her enough. I'm thinking of ways to try, though. :) As usual, everything takes me 3 times as long as anyone else to complete. Fun with chronic illness.
You can order your own Melonheadz images from Nikki's Etsy Shop if you want pre-colored ones, or if you're like me and you're mad for customizing them yourself, paypal her via the link on her blog and let her know which un-colored-in sets you want.
Anyway, take a minute to stop by For Fun Challlenges and check out my teammates' creations this week to see what *they* do when they aren't making cards. Then, show off your own project in the challenge linky dealie when you're done so I can some check out your blog.

 What? No kitty/doggie/rattie break? Nope. Today we have freaky invasion photos. I'm not sure what we did to make all kinds of crazy things happen to our house this week, but after the coffee maker broke in a second way (you already had to put a can of coffee on top of it or it wouldn't run) and the refrigerator dumped water all under the wooden floor slats, and Scott found out that the ants coming out of the outlet my electric toothbrush plugs into were actually part of an enormous colony living in our attic (sorry the pic is sideways. You can't see the enormity of the ant hill growing there in a still photo really, but if it gives you any idea, those white blobs in the weird cheapo so-called insulation the previous owners used are ant EGGS! Grody!)
Saturday, Scott discovered this giant cone hanging over our driveway from the crepe myrtle/rose bush (the two have wound themselves together). It was like 2 feet long and made up entirely of BEES! Seriously, bees! I tried to get a clear photo, but to be honest, I only wanted to get so close. Still if you look, you can see that it's just hundreds of thousands of bees. No hive in the middle, just bees. Why? I have no idea, but they had moved on by the next morning.
 What the heck? Anyone know why that kind of thing would happen? I'll seriously send a little prize to the first person who can tell me (or who can lie about it in a really convincing fashion, since I really have no idea what the answer is.) Freaky!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tags and TPS

So, I hope everyone enjoyed a nice relaxing Buddha's Birthday, Ostara, Easter, and/or Passover. It was a busy weekend, holiday-wise. As per my usual pain-related slowness, the Buddha's birthday is taking most of a week for me to cram in all the things I hoped to do to celebrate. Sunday, Scott made fabulous food, starting with "Egg" Mc Vegans and pineapple/mango/strawberry fruit salad for breakfast and some homemade vegan "crab" cakes, corn on the cob, and roasted red potatoes for dinner, so that was all pretty festive. Yesterday I went on a long meditative walk to continue the celebration, though it was a bit too long. I'm really sore and tired today. Tomorrow, I plan to do even more cleaning (oh I guess I forgot to mention that part) including the formal tea baths for my Buddha statues. I'd love to hear what kind of celebrating you did, for whichever holiday--or just because--you did.

Now, let's talk challenges and prizes. Whoo!
This week's challenge is to use a tag in some form in your project. You can use a tag as an embellishment on a card, like I did. Your project can be a tag. You can make a tag then use it as a component of another project. It's up to you.
Our sponsor this week is The Paper Shelter. I chose this super cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel stamp, but you can use any one you like, or even one by another company, though it's always appreciated when you choose to use one by the sponsor. Our little hearts flutter at the sight!
And, what can you win when you play along with us at For Fun Challenges this week? Dig this--a $20 gift certificate to The Paper Shelter. What more incentive could you possibly need? Get to work!

                                  Could it be? Yes! It is! Kitty Break Kitty Break Kitty Break!

This week, Toulouse decided that it was about time he tried eating some dark green veggies. He's never even noticed the food on my plate before, but the other day he had to inspect my broccoli:

                                                                 First, the sniffing.

Then, just a lick.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Feeling Icky

I haven't been feeling well the last few days, so I even missed posting on World Rat Day! I think my rats, Howard and Vince may have been plotting against me because of it, but a one time treat of tiny bits of Girl Scout cookie seems to have smoothed over any resentment.

Now if I could just get some cookie crumbs together for For Fun Challenges, maybe the rest of the design team will forgive my late posting. :) Easter cards are the theme this week, so stop by and show us yours!

You know how they say animals can tell when you're sick and are extra sympathetic? Well, today I'm pretty sure my little devils are doing their best to make me run screaming (if I could run, and if screaming wouldn't make me pass out from this headache) from the house. Usagi kicked me in the spine *hard* twice today and whacked me with her paws, repeatedly. Rev took the opportunity to come back inside and poop on the floor to test exactly how sick to my stomach I am today. Both have been barking their heads off far more than usual today. I think this is some kind of test to see if I could ever be an animal abuser. They're lucky, it's not in me, but they may find me hiding in the closet with a puke bucket before this day is over.