Friday, April 6, 2012

Feeling Icky

I haven't been feeling well the last few days, so I even missed posting on World Rat Day! I think my rats, Howard and Vince may have been plotting against me because of it, but a one time treat of tiny bits of Girl Scout cookie seems to have smoothed over any resentment.

Now if I could just get some cookie crumbs together for For Fun Challenges, maybe the rest of the design team will forgive my late posting. :) Easter cards are the theme this week, so stop by and show us yours!

You know how they say animals can tell when you're sick and are extra sympathetic? Well, today I'm pretty sure my little devils are doing their best to make me run screaming (if I could run, and if screaming wouldn't make me pass out from this headache) from the house. Usagi kicked me in the spine *hard* twice today and whacked me with her paws, repeatedly. Rev took the opportunity to come back inside and poop on the floor to test exactly how sick to my stomach I am today. Both have been barking their heads off far more than usual today. I think this is some kind of test to see if I could ever be an animal abuser. They're lucky, it's not in me, but they may find me hiding in the closet with a puke bucket before this day is over.

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