Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tags and TPS

So, I hope everyone enjoyed a nice relaxing Buddha's Birthday, Ostara, Easter, and/or Passover. It was a busy weekend, holiday-wise. As per my usual pain-related slowness, the Buddha's birthday is taking most of a week for me to cram in all the things I hoped to do to celebrate. Sunday, Scott made fabulous food, starting with "Egg" Mc Vegans and pineapple/mango/strawberry fruit salad for breakfast and some homemade vegan "crab" cakes, corn on the cob, and roasted red potatoes for dinner, so that was all pretty festive. Yesterday I went on a long meditative walk to continue the celebration, though it was a bit too long. I'm really sore and tired today. Tomorrow, I plan to do even more cleaning (oh I guess I forgot to mention that part) including the formal tea baths for my Buddha statues. I'd love to hear what kind of celebrating you did, for whichever holiday--or just because--you did.

Now, let's talk challenges and prizes. Whoo!
This week's challenge is to use a tag in some form in your project. You can use a tag as an embellishment on a card, like I did. Your project can be a tag. You can make a tag then use it as a component of another project. It's up to you.
Our sponsor this week is The Paper Shelter. I chose this super cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel stamp, but you can use any one you like, or even one by another company, though it's always appreciated when you choose to use one by the sponsor. Our little hearts flutter at the sight!
And, what can you win when you play along with us at For Fun Challenges this week? Dig this--a $20 gift certificate to The Paper Shelter. What more incentive could you possibly need? Get to work!

                                  Could it be? Yes! It is! Kitty Break Kitty Break Kitty Break!

This week, Toulouse decided that it was about time he tried eating some dark green veggies. He's never even noticed the food on my plate before, but the other day he had to inspect my broccoli:

                                                                 First, the sniffing.

Then, just a lick.



Kathy D. said...

What an adorable card. Great job with the image.

Helen Dooley said...

Your cat is a riot. LOVE the sweet St Charles you did a great job!

Katy said...

Love your card! The background is so pretty! And I love the digi you used! Great card!! --Katy (Guess Design Team Member at For Fun Challenges)

Rita Barakat said...

Very pretty card,love the colors you chose!

Stampin' with Alicia said...

OMG! your cat is so funny. Never known a cat who likes to eat veggies.