Friday, May 4, 2012

Recovering from the Jamboree

No, not the country bear one, the Rat Terrier Jamboree, held every year in Tennessee. That was the inspiration for my card for my team at For Fun Challenges this week. It's a little hard to tell in my photo, I know, but the perameters this week are to use Green, Beige, and Blue. I apologize that the color's a little off in the pic. I made the card in the motel room, and the only sufficient light in the room for photographing anything was in the bathroom, so here it is, on the counter near the sink.

Play along with our challenge this week and you can win 3 stamps of your choice from those on this page:

I *know* you'll want to see my pics from the Jamboree, and you can! I posted them on my Etsy shop Facebook site. Take a look!

Here's a little teaser to encourage you to click through. Just look how much fun Usagi's having!


Annie Anya said...

Hey, thanks for your overwhelming comment...I maKe heaps of flowers and seldom use bought ones. love your blog too....not rats though...sorry...♥

scrapunzel said...

Hey, I need a bestie so I'm following your blog now. I have a regular blog & then a darker blog. Please drop by & follow me too. I'd love to have you as a friend. :)