Monday, June 10, 2013

Foster Pet Surprise (not a recipe!) :)

Greetings! It's a rather busy Sunday here at The Rat's Nest. Scott went on a rescue run, picking up a baby guinea pig from the Wake County animal shelter to be fostered in the Carolina Pet Rescue program. Thank you CPR! My friend, Julie, posted this adorable picture, and I knew I had to at least try to do something to help.

Oddly, upon his return, Scott reported that the shelter said they had no guinea pigs, which is very strange since the info sent about the little piggie was from their website. Then I looked closer at the message Julie wasn't from the Wake County Animal Shelter, it was from the Friends of Wake County Animal Shelter, a group that, in part, puts these animals into foster homes themselves. So these guys were already in foster care. Ooops! I totally appreciate what Julie did, though. If we have the space and resources to help, we want to be there to lend a hand to try to save as many as we possibly can from being killed.  I should have known to check with them first.

It's still an exciting day for us when it comes to rescuing. We got a new pair of rats from Carolina Pet Rescue to foster. They're *naked*!!! Tiny hairless little boys. Don't worry, you'll see them very soon. I'll be taking, like, a million pictures tomorrow.

While we're talking pets, Clear Dollar Stamps has a new freebie today...a Shih Tzu!
Have fun digi stamping!

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