Monday, January 17, 2011

Something Nice and Something Extra Nice

Rough weekend all around. I was in a half ton of pain and had to miss my friend Teresa's open house event that I had been salivating over since I first heard about it (new Stampin' Up Catalogs, some kind of game involving ribbon and quarters, eensie weensie shopping bags, etc.)  I loathed being stuck at home, missing out on cool crafts and games, but the pain was so evil, it made my skin feel like it was humming a full inch deep (which wouldn't actually be skin, but the endodermis or something like that, but please humor me anyway). The worst part is how the pain makes me feel like I'm teeny tiny, wrapped in roll upon roll of scratchy insulation, then stuffed deep inside my own head. Please forgive me, Teresa. I promise I would have been there if I had any choice.

Now, that wasn't so nice, I know, so let's move on to something that is...a challenge!

This challenge is one you can enter in several different ways...all of which you can read about here, at Card Cupid's Blog! You can earn entries by posting about the challenge, making cards for the Card Cupid Program and posting about them, and you can also enter by mailing cards in (marked with the appropriate information so you get credit for sending them). And, if you send in links/messages completing one or more of these different challenge entry tasks, you can be put into the drawing to win this!

What, you may be wondering, is the Card Cupid program? It's a really easy and fun way to do something kind for a sick kid. You create happy cards for holidays, birthdays, or just to wish someone a great day, then send it in to the organizers. There are a few rules you need to follow, but they're not complicated, and I like thinking about who might open the card I'm making while I'm putting it together.

This is my first time making cards for this program. I had a lot of fun, though, so I'm quite certain I'll be making more soon. I made a group of five Valentines, it being that time of year and all. Plus Valentines are just all-around exciting. Hearts, bright pink and red, ribbons and the like are the kinds of things that I can get seriously enthusiastic about. I'm a holiday dork in general because they let you stop, relax, and be tacky. Like a snow day collided with a Big Lots. Glitter, plastic decorations, shiny banners, paper hearts, chalky candy, crepe paper whatnots, colored lights, centerpieces featuring wire covered in whatever that thin metallic plastic stuff is that tinsel is made of...oh yeah, I remember exactly what that stuff is made of: pure joy.

So, interspersed throughout this post are photos of my cards.I hope I did everything right and that the hosts of the challenge like what I've created.

So...consider making cards for some minors who aren't feeling so great--it's an extra nice thing to do! I plan to make more soon, so if your cards want to hitch a ride with mine through the postal system, just ask. I'd be happy to help more cards get to this happy destination.


*A* said...

Your cards are adorable! Thank you for participating at Card Cupids, I'm sure the children will LOVE your cards :)

Steph said...

Fantastic Cards! Thanks for joining the Card Cupids challenge!

Donna said...

Your cards rock FiskaSister!! CardCupids sunds like a great charity. I just sent a batch off to a gal in Texas for the children at St.Jude in Tenn.