Monday, January 31, 2011

Major Cuteness: 2 and 4 Legged

Just a quick post today. I've been feeling icky lately, so I have to apologise for my absence. So, in an effort to win you back, I bring you a big honking load of adorability, beginning with Henri Marie Raymond Toulouse Lautrec Monfa, better known as Toulousey Goosey, Goosey Goo, or just plain Goo.

Next up, a layout I made for Elizabeth Goodson's Creative Memories January Challenge. It's my completely charming neice, Vivienne. As the journalling states, she is a big fan of Stephen Colbert (talk about good taste!) and the word, "butt-nut", a favorite term of endearment my husband made up for my dog, Revco, who Vivi is slightly less fond of because Rev can't seem to curb his habit of barking in her face. They made up, though, by the end of their most recent visit, over a good (and gentle) rhythmic head bonking with a stuffed stingray, right between the ears. Somewhere between petting and the world's softest bludgeoning.

 Next, a big smile from Ms. Usagi, floppity tongue and all.
 And finally, here she is with her new, blue toupee courtesy a cat toy we had to take away from her before it could be completely eviscerated. It's hard to teach the dogs the difference between a dog toy and a cat toy.
Love the wink here!
Have a great week! It's almost the Fabulous and Festive Month of February! Losar! Valentine's Day! My Birthday! Scott's Birthday! President's Day! And I'm sure I must be forgetting something, but the point is, February is Fun! Whoot!

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Donna said...

Too or should I say 3 cute! Hope this month has lots of feel betterness for you! I can't make it in March, had a fender bender yesterday - car repairs in my near future. Huggs