Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Disclaimer, Phabulous Phindy, and a Design Team Queen

Hope you're having a happy start to 2011. I just got back from a trip to Atlanta to see Scott's family. It was 3 days of driving, hard matresses, and fun. My spine really hates the first two (and seems to hate the third, if you consider how often it gets in the way of anything fun.) so I'm still recovering. I apologize to everyone who has been in any way trying to contact me, get information from me, come to see me, is owed an xmas card or gift from me, etc. I've been in so much pain it feels like my skin is humming.

Now, on a happier note, a Mouse-tini! It was going to be a sour-apple one, but the other day Scott brought some of those bright green candied cherries home and I had to immortalize them here. Though some may remember a long-ago poem I wrote, bashing the unnaturally bright and sticky fruit, I've come to love them, especially when they're smooshed into the top of cookies.

The image I used on this card is by one of my absolute-favorite stamp artists, Phindy! Check out her site and web store and just you see if I'm wrong about her brilliance. :)

I have some happy news though, that I've been anxiously awaiting the "okay" from HQ to share with you.


I have been invited to be on the For Fun Challenges design team! For the next six months I will be officially creating projects for their website on the first and third weeks of every month (I'm on the "A-Team". I hope they let me fly the helicopter!) Unofficially, I will be creating projects other weeks as well, so subscribe to their web feed and keep up with their posts. Their challenges are neat and you can win prizes that rock from their weekly sponsors. Please take a look! I'm totally psyched to be on their team. Whoooooo!

P.S. Speaking of following blogs, at the request of one of my highly esteemed readers, I've added one of those Google "Follow" dealies to my blog. Go ahead. Click it. Amazing things will happen*!

*Amazing things may not happen.


agypsyangel said...

Congratulations!!! I am sure amazing things will happen. thanks so much for coming by my blog. Happy 2011. :)

Groovy Deborah said...

Good for you Veronica! Thanks for doing the follow button too :)
Have fun on the helicopter ride ;)

I will be sure to check out that site and see what's shakin' over there!!!

Phindy said...

This is just fab! I love the bright green cherries - worth immortalizing for sure - and how you picked the color up with the green umbrella and ricrac. Great card!

TracyM #6773 said...

Congratulations Veronica!!!

Hope you recover from your trip soon and that your back behaves better for you this year - wishing you lots of happy crafting times for 2011 :)

Debby said...


Donna said...

Congratulations!! I am sorry the trip was rough but happy you are getting such a great opportunity!!

kellyisascrapdiva said...

Congratulations Veronica on making the design team! I became a follow of your blog and of your design team blog. Happy New Year, I hope we get to meet soon!

Regena said...

Congrats...on making the design team..something I would like to give a try on some design team...Happy New Year!! Hugs Regena