Saturday, September 7, 2013

Check out those calves!

How about this little baby calf for a dose of total sweetness? There's simply nothing about this little guy that isn't squeal worthy. He's my entry in the "monochrome challenge" at A Day for Daisies, the digi stamp company that created him. I think the pink upon pink upon pink upon pink (that last one's for the bit of pink twinkling twine tied around the card's spine) made a really cool effect, and the green base makes that eensie weensie bit of clover pop.

If you still drink animal's milk, think about this little guy before you purchase your next quart. The mothers cry all night long when the farmers take their calves away while still in infancy. They can't have milk "wasted" on the babies when they can sell it to humans. The calves are either designated for the same fate as their mothers, destined for the "rape rack" as soon as they are old enough to become pregnant, or they are crated for veal, fed a nutrient-deficient diet to induce anemia for a light-colored flesh that fetches a higher price. They're denied hay and grass without which they suffer terrible digestive pain and diarrhea. It's not pretty. Soy milk, rice milk and almond milk don't suffer.

Well, enough PSA today. :) I've got work to do to fill an order for some pet sympathy cards and a collage display or two. Have a great week!

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dpkennedy said...

What a cutie! Love the patterned paper, looks great! Thanks for playing with A Day For Daisies!