Friday, January 20, 2012

Dearie Dolls Digis and Digi My World (and perhaps a puppy break, too!)

This week at For Fun Challenges, the challenge theme is "Get Well" --a handy card to have on hand this time of year. Our sponsor is Dearie Dolls Digi Stamps, one that's totally new to me, so I was pretty excited to find that she has like a bajillion mice and some cute cute cute dogs and cats too! Did I mention birds? No? She has them, too. Yes, I have already caved to temptation and bought more of her stamps. How could I resist when she not only tempted me with a vast array of animals (for you non-animal people, if there are any who read my blog, she has loads of people, snowmen, etc. so you'll want to head over there, too!) she has a whole section of $1.00 digital stamps! Don't miss out!
Anyway, back to the challenge at hand. I chose a cute little mouse napping inside a teacup for my Get Well project, which includes a card (pompoms!!!) and a mini paint can filled with some of my favorite teas. I know I'd go nuts if something like this showed up in my mailbox when I was feeling less than spiffy.
So start creating a Get Well project of your own and enter it in this week's For Fun Challenge. You could win some Dearie Dolls Digis!
(BTW, stop by the Dearie Dolls Facebook page and give her a Like! There's lots of fun to be had there!)

 Revco, flopped over the couch cushion on a sleepy afternoon. I'm extra-thankful that my animals are safe indoors today, since we had a tragic loss in the neighborhood this week. One of the neighbor's cats was killed by a car yesterday. He was a stand-offish kitty, but a welcome visitor to our yard nonetheless. We knew he belonged to a neighbor since he always wore a collar and tag, but we couldn't get close enough to read his address. Having spent enough time in rescue to see the results of outdoor living, I'm a strong advocate of keeping kitties indoors unless they are out under direct supervision on a leash, or are safely contained behind a cat fence. I hoped for the best for this little guy, despite knowing how dangerous our neighborhood is, in particular. All I can do now is wish him good karma and an auspicious rebirth and try to forget the heartbreaking sight of his human washing blood off of the pavement today. What an awful way to say goodbye. It may have been better to have kept their cat indoors, but they didn't deserve having to learn this way.

Sorry to be so maudlin. Let's cheer up with some darn cute chihuahuas from the fabulous design fairy at Digi My World! I looove her take on dog breeds, so I jumped at the chance to use these apple-headed pups for this week's challenge theme: Together Forever.
I love the expression of admiration on the face of the dog on the left. And the totally oblivious look of the dog on the right. Awww! Their matching heart-tagged collars are pretty cute, too. I didn't go too elaborate with this card simply beause these guys don't need much to enhance their eye-popping personality. A little highlighting with copics, some cute cherry photo paper, and some ribbon I've been holding onto for just the right project for three years now were all they needed!
You can win a gift certificate to Digi My World by entering your Together Forever themed card this week. They've been very kind to invite me along as a guest designer, I hope some of you will find the time to support their challenge (and hopefully win, while you're at it!)

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