Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hooray, the holiday season has officially begun!

My mom always said that the Christmas season starts when you see Santa go by in the Macy's parade. Now that that's happened, I can start listening to carols without feeling like a complete weirdo, candy canes are plentiful, and the cable company has started broadcasting the video fireplace 24/7. Rock on!

Another reason to feel festive? Michelle Perkett is sponsoring For Fun Challenges this week, where you can win several of her holiday digistamps. I've had my eye on one in particular for a long time and finaly I caved. Here goes:

 Speaking of slobber, wags, and wiggles, here's your much anticipated dorky dog photo of the day.
I love it when dogs don't seem to realize they've got their tongue sticking out. Cat's too, actually. Though non-human animals haven't got the market cornered, because I recently caught Scott sleeping with his tongue sticking out, too. What is it they say about people becoming more like their dogs? Hrm. I shouldn't make fun, though. I have parasomnia which makes me do all kinds of weird things in my sleep, like type, sew, give speeches (yes, apparently I gave a very cohesive oratory while sound asleep in bed. I'm so lucky Scott hasn't thought to video tape these things), etc. I've even written *and* sent emails in my sleep. They didn't make any sense, but it went out anyway and thoroughly confused everyone on the yahoo group I sent it to. Definitely not as cute as watching the dogs wake up when you (gently) grab their tongue that's lolling out. And now you know what that looks like. :)

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Kathy D. said...

love all that shimmer and shine you got going on. Like how you did the blanket under the presents. I love how we did the same but they look different and feel different.