Thursday, October 27, 2011

Creepy is my middle name. Okay, it's not, but it would be freaking cool if it was.

This week at For Fun Challenges, we're psyched to have a great name in creepy horror digi stamps (and cute ones, and clever ones, and so on) as our sponsor. Rick St. Dennis! I certainly don't keep my eerie stamps packed away all year, sad and loney, waiting for October to roll around. A little scary fun is an important part of year round crafting. It's chock full of 8 essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin H (for horror), and the minerals creeponium and hauntitine.
As you can see below, I've got a green and black glittered skeleton raising the roof, and the walls bleeding all in honor of Rick St. Dennis' vicious snail. He's hanging out in his slime-trail web just waiting for someone to point their finger just a little too close. Chomp!

Stop by For Fun Challenges so you can see the whole array of dangerous-looking critters you can win if you play along with our challenge. Make something supremely Halloweeny and you could win!

I've also been finishing off my own Halloween cards I intend to send out shortly. Here's one that's a little bit (no, actually a lot) on the cute side. I love this little kitty witch by The Angel Company (RIP)! Aww! I'm entering this one in the Really Reasonable Ribbon Challenge, because yes, that's their ribbon (love the black on black checks!) and yes, their ribbon club from which I got it, rocks!

 Oh my, oh my...did I almost forget the kitty break? Nope! This time you get a little dog, too! Here's Toulouse (the kitty) and Usagi (the dog) demonstrating the vast power of the Magic Blanket that allows them to sit back to back despite being fairly terrified of each other normally. The blanket's power appears to be growing because this time it's not even forming a barrier between them. Notice how it's just sort of flung over the back of the couch behind them, yet still exhibits full powers. Wow!