Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yay for Yorkies!

Remember these sweet sighthounds from Digi My World?

Well, Digi My World has sponsored For Fun Challenges this week, which is pretty cool of them (thank you thank you thank you), but what's even cooler is the stamp I chose from the ones they so generously gave our design team to work with. Yep, it's a yorkie!

 Plus he's got that foo foo show hairdo *and* he's in a purse. I always hoped Revco, the prissier of my dogs, would take to being a purse dog, but he said no. That's probably a good thing, actually, since my crumby (crummy? Not sure how that's spelled. Why don't we go with crumbling, since it's doing that, too.) spine probably wouldn't like me lugging around 12 pounds of dog slung over my shoulder. Still, I think it would have been neat since he enjoys being taken along everywhere I go. I think he'd like to relate to humans on eye level (or nearly so), too. I think he'd find it far more dignified.

Things I love about this card: the yorkie (of course! I don't have any other yorkie stamps so it was about time!), the phone peeking out of the center pocket, the resin flowers and tiny metal key in the center of the upper flower. What I don't like: the colors! I think this was the most difficult challenge I've done yet, because I really dislike all 3 of these colors unless they are tempered by the presence of a color I really love. On the other hand, this makes me really curious to see the entries in our challenge this week. I'm looking forward to seeing projects in these 3 colors that can really dazzle me.

Speaking of challenges, I'm entering this card into the current challenge at Creative Inspirations.
Puppy break! Puppy break! Puppy break!
I love this pic because normally both ears are "button" style a.k.a. kind of floppy (some call them "bat ears"), so I love that the left ear is sticking straight up. Her huge, bulgy eyes give the impression that she just heard something surprising, too.


NGCARDS said...

Wow a gorgeous creation hun! Thanks for playing along with our Anything Goes Challenge at Creative Inspirations Wednesday's Challenge Blog this week! xxx

The Cottage Market said...

what a FABULOUS and WONDERFUL creation! LOVE IT!!!! wish i was there to take a puppy break! how precious...shhhhh don't tell my doxies! : ) hugs!