Monday, August 1, 2011

Not just cards!

It may be hard to believe, looking at most of my posts, but I actually enjoy a lot of different kinds of crafts, not just card making. So in this post, you will see absolutely no cards. I may need to breathe into a paper bag as I post it, but here it is!
Let's begin with a collage I made for the Big Picture class with Claudine Hellmuth (yes, *the* Claudine Hellmuth. ). I'm actually still working my way through the assignments, running late as usual. Somehow my body knows that it's broken, but my brain still desperately wants to do everything. Thus, I'm perpetually embarassed to be behind on everything, always. Someday I will reign my brain in, but until then, forgive me if it runs wild.
And speaking of running wild, above is my collage of a wolf arguing with the moon, sitting atop a large pile of heads. I like how the wolf is pointing one of his fingers at the hyper-adorned moon I made, as if he's mid-discussion. I gave him tiny leaf wings to indicate that he's a charmed wolf, and I painted the heads to blend into the background because, while I wanted to show that he's eaten all these brains (maybe that's why he waxes so philisophical?) I didn't want the gore to take away from the central image. I have to mention how excited I was to even find disembodied head chipboard pieces at Archivers! I know that the manufactuerer intended them to be painted black and used in silhouettes, but they immediately struck me as something that needed to be used in the creepiest way possible. I hope I have succeeded.

Next, here's my first collage I did for the class mentioned above. It could stand to have a clearer central image, but I still like it. Crabs totally creep me out btw, so I decided I had to add one to the flower arrangement so sap some of the sugar sweetness out, or I was afraid I'd give the viewer a tummyache.
How about a layout now? These are ones I made for the Club Scrap PSL Summer Camp going on right now. And that's Sharkey, the deceptively dangerous hamster. He's a little toasted marshmallow of cuteness who will bite and not let go. Ow! I gave him little white wings in this layout. Luckily he doesn't have them in real life or he might get a taste for human ears or noses. He can be a real cuddlebug when he's in the mood, but when he decides to chomp, he's tenacious!
I am so sick of summer, I can't see straight. I don't like hot weather anyway, so this nasty mess of sweaty brightness and buggy overgrowth is too much. So, I did a few Christmas layouts to remind myself that summer isn't forever. I love these pics of Rev in his capelet. He knows hearing the camera turning on means, "don't move" so he's super easy to photograph.

If you have a moment to spare, please visit my Etsy treasuries I put together last night and this morning. I was on a bit of a kick. Anyone can make one up, if you've got some favorite products and the inclination. Just saying. ;)

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