Monday, May 16, 2011

Clearly, I Have No Concept of a Deadline

You'll understand my lamentation shortly, but first, I would like to show off a few cards that *aren't* late. :) Dustin Pike, the artist who draws these adorable dragon digi stamps (such as the little gothy girl you see here) is asking for cards to be sent to a friend of his who is quite ill. You can read more about the card drive here. Check out his digis while you are there. He has created hundreds (maybe thousands) of them. This first card is actually for a friend of mine who's also got a bit o' the gothic in her, and being the challenge nut I am, I decided to do the two-birds-one-stone thing and make it fit the requirements for this week's add-a-tag challenge at Do You Stack Up. I love all metal edged tags, but the one I used here is especially delightful with it's rusty edges and delicate golden shimmer. I wish I could say I distressed it myself, but it came that way from Stampin' Up, if you want your own.
I liked these little tags so much, I used them again on the card I made for Dylan, the recipient of Dustin Pike's call for cards. Since it's going to a teenage male, I tried not to go all out with the foo foo goodness, but hey, the dragon is a goth *girl* so it seemed fair enough to go a little dainty. Plus, I try not to get too obsessed with traditional gender roles anyway. Everyone can enjoy some fluff from time to time.

Aaaaaand, finally, here it is...late by several hours (simply because I didn't pay close enough attention to the deadline when reading the site. D'oh!) my contribution to the Haunted Design House Mark-of-the-Beast challenge (must have 6 of 3 different things). I copiced a cute little lucifer, and surrounded him with 6 vellum tombstones, 6 metal bats, and 6 wee skulls. SO cute! I have like six kajillion of these degu food (degus are chilean squirrels, for anyone who's thinking, "what food?") containers awaiting altering, so I thought I'd go ahead and cover one. I think I'm going to use it to store black ribbons inside. Black ribbons of the damned, I mean.

Forgive me for being so late yet again. Today I was doing well until I got a call from the wildlife rehab group, looking desperately for someone (read: a sucker like me) to try to save a tiny little infant rat. Naturally, because he lacks fur on his tail, most squirrel rehabbers aren't interested in helping him and while my health prevents me from doing this kind of thing regularly, I'm the sucker who's doing feedings every 3 hours 'round the clock and risking heartbreak if he doesn't make it (it's sadly common for rehab animals to die, even with all the help in the world.) I have to say, the person who called me was a pretty darn wonderful rescuer to have cared for this wee one all weekend. I'm surprised this little animal is as strong as he is. Wish us all luck.


WencheP said...

Very cool, thank you for joining us over at Do You Stack Up.


Donna said...

Hugs to you and your little baby.

Denise and Louise said...

Great cards. Thanks for joining us at DYSU this week xx

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Oh I'm here from Macabre Monday at HDH and I love your little ribbon container. You also get to choose a free item from my shop just for entering this week, and even though you were a little bit late, you rescue animals, so you deserve a freebie, AND you mentioned degus in your post (I used to have a cage of them, bought two from a shop that said they were both female and, of course, I ended up with babies. We neutered the adult male and then separated the baby males into their own space. Anywho, the reason for the waffle is that I taught them such a cute little trick, and they would kiss me to get treats :)
You can see the video here:
And if you pick an item from my shop,
and then email me letting me know your choice, I'll send whatever it is across for free.
Hope your little rehab guy is growing stronger day by day :D

Peggysue said...

Sorry you missed a deadline, I know how that hurts after all the work you've done.
But you're in time for ours! And you made a couple of adorable cards with cute tags!!
Thanks so much for tagging along with us at Do You Stack Up?. Please join us again next week!

Jennifer Scull said...

hope all is going okay with both you and your little furbaby.....
love both of the projects you have shown. did you read that Dustin took over the first batch of cards to Dylan and he really loved them?! they spent several hours going through each & every one!

thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment! I do appreciate it!