Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Winner, an Entry, a Giveaway, and Two Kitties

Toulouse (aka Goosey Goo) decided to give me a hand taking photos of my cards for my etsy site. Check out the nose lick! Cat tongues are so funny. They look like weird little strips of deli ham. He looks a bit like he's thinking about how tasty those guinea pigs on the cards might be. Naughty kitty! Don't eat the pets, please!

I've been working hard on card orders, both for clients and (mostly) for rescue groups who request items for their fund raisers. Ferrets and greyhounds have dominated my workboard, pit bulls are up next, then shelties, then more ferrets, followed by opossums and other wildlife--rescues are quick to find my shop, it seems. :) It's cool to be able to contribute this way, though, since I can't do as much hands-on rescue work due to my physical limitations. It's hard to clean cages, train rescue dogs, or keep up with the administrative needs of a rescue when you're hurting and easily fatigued. Hence: adaptation.
Anyway, this card with the cute Airedale Terrier is one I made just for fun, for a challenge at the Shirley's 2 Girls blog. I'm a fan of her adorable animal stamps, so when I saw that she was looking for Flocked or Feathered cards, a-flocking I did go! It's a bit hard to tell in the photo, but I used black flocking on this little guy's black spots, from tail to that one black ear. Wish me luck!

Continuing on the subject of fun, Saturday was my Stampin' Up party! It's been ages since I've been well enough to have any sort of get together, let alone a party for 12. Teresa, one of my best friends and my Stampin' Up demonstrator, totally made it happen. She was an amazing showman, entertaining the masses with her mad crafting skills, while I hung out with the group upstairs, awaiting their turn in the craft room. She even helped me put my scrap room back together before the you may recall, it was a complete disaster since everything had been pushed to the center of the room so Scott could build cabinets and counters along the walls. I'll post pics in my next blog installment. Scott still has to finish the cabinets at the back of the room and put in the glass fronts in all of the doors, but it's still a kajillion times better than it was and if the amount of time he's spending working in the shed is any indication, he's either going to be done soon, or he's got a second wife living in there.
I forgot to take many pics at the party, but in the one, above, patiently waiting their turns and being adorable are my friends Kitty, Laura, Revco (he's the short one), and Eileen.
If you're looking for a Stampin' Up demo, Teresa is freaking amazing. She hooked me up with loads of free stuff for hostessing and she's a FABULOUS person in general. :) I can't *wait* for the UPS man to come to my door, and not just because he's kinda cute in that little brown uniform.

This little mousie is adorning a project I made for a Fiskateer challenge Angela announced during her tutorial video. Below, you can see the complete project, an envelope for toting around my mail that's in need of answering. My attempt at making the sides expand didn't go so well. I was a couple folds short of making it work, but so it goes. It was a prototype...the next one, hopefully, will actually have expanding capabilities. As for this one, it still does its job and I love that old Pizzazill cardstock I made it out of. Sadly, that line seems to have disappeared so I'm super careful about using up my precious stash. I think we all have something hidden away like that, that we like too much to use.
Relevant to that, I am taking May Flaum's class at Big Picture Scrapbooking, Adventures in Scrapbooking: Use Your Stash. I'm working on homework tonight, which includes picking out a box of stuff you've had on hand for a while and want to use during the class. Among the items are: rub ons galore, a box of ribbons I got free at an Archivers' event, a big tin of buttons in all sorts of shapes, a set of the old Stampin' Up copper Hodgepodge Hardware, and plenty more. Wish me luck!
In celebration of this class theme, I'm going to get some of my ribbon stash moving by sending one lucky reader 10 yards of ribbons from my private stash! These aren't ribbons I don't like or want to get rid of, but gorgeous ribbons I really like that I want to share with someone who is kind enough to read my yapping here.
Here's what you have to do...leave me a comment telling me about something you have in your stash that you've been holding onto for too long, just because you love it too much to use it. Don't forget to include some way for me to reach you, either via a Fiskateer number, an email address, or a link to your blog or whatever. I never received a response from my Martha Stewart winner despite my efforts to reach them, and if I don't hear from them by my next post, I'm going to have to pick someone else to win those supercool stamps.
Speaking of winners, Donna (comment #7), you are the winner of the book giveaway in my previous post! Contact me with your mailing address so I can send it your way!

Whew! Long post! Thanks for reading all the way to the end. :)


Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Hmmm...left my comment, but not sure it worked.
As I was saying, thank you for sharing about all of your crafty fun! Love the picture of your kitty helping you with the camera! Sounds like a fun Scrapin' Up! party!
I have a tendancy to hold on to tightly to my Bazzill cardstock. I am getting better, but it is so pretty and if I use it, then I won't have it to use the next time I play. Crazy I know! I also love ribbon and like to look for pretty ribbon on sale in the fabric department. A girl just can't have too much stash!

Becky said...

what have I hung on to....that would be paper. I have so many cool sheets of scrapbook paper that I just can't get myself to cut into or use because I love it so!
Becky #7047

billiejo said...

Great post Veronica! I love seeing your animal cards and I wish I could take May's class with you. I know how much fun it will be.

I tend to hang onto...everything!!! I have always felt stingy with my students because I was afraid I'd run out of my favorite ribbon, or buttons, or color of alcohol ink. Not anymore. This years my personal challenge has been to let it go (into the classroom that is) If they use it all, I won't miss it. If they cut up a piece of paper I love, then I will need to get creative with what remains. So far, so good. Now, I'm not saying I have too much of anything, 'cuz I don't. I just share. Thanks for the chance to play along.

Janice said...

Your kitty card is cute i really love it :)


Janice said...

Your kitty card is cute i really love it :)


Becky said...

Oh my, do you really want to know what I have in my stash o' goodies? eek! I am Queen PackRat and I have fabric that I bought more than 20 years ago that I just can't cut in to!!!

Your blog and your cards in your etsy shop are just adorable and FUN!

myjor1 said...

What a cute blog. I have been hanging onto my Bobunny paper and embellishments forever. I have many different lines stashed away. I absolutely love them but haven't found the perfect project that warrents using all of them. I have only used one or two sheets in the past couple years but have to buy it when I see it, which is not often... Someday....
Mel fellow fiskateer #6101

Yvonne Russell said...

I have lace that belonged to my mother.

I keep planning to use it, but because it is so precious sentimentally, I guess I'm saving it for the "perfect" project.

Thanks for the chance to join in the fun with your generous giveaway.

Melissa said...

Your cards are wonderful!! Your cat looks very similar to my cat...and I agree about the delhi ham, I've thought that for years :)

We are so glad to have you join us at Shirley's 2 girls!

Bonnie in SC said...

Ok, so my weakness is paper. All kinds of paper. The paper I love the most and can't seem to bring myself to use is the Mariposa Stack from DCWV. Phew, there I said it, lol. I really do want to use it and it's so pretty. Who know, maybe I'll muster up the courage. LOL