Friday, July 30, 2010

Cute Rats, Rescue Cats, and a Craftsy Giveaway!

I began this post last week and somehow got distracted, so I may need to update things a little. Bear with me.

The photo, below is of the gift box I made for Second Chance Pet Adoptions' silent auction. When I got their call for auction items, I knew I wanted to make them something special because they are the rescue that adopted Toulouse to us. Note the many orange kitties representing in this box. Had to give mad props to the ginger cats! :)
Speaking of cats, here's a pic of Weezee, our other kitty. She hates Toulouse, and pretty much any of her fellow felines, but she loves humans. She's the welcoming committee at our house, rushing to the door whenever anyone arrives. She's hard to get a decent picture of because a) black furred animals are more challenging to photograph since their features often disappear in a two dimentional image and b) she is very persnickety about when she will and will not tolerate being photographed.

While I'm showing off my babies, here are my most recent acquisitions, Vince and Howard. Or actually, I should say Howard and Vince, since that's Howard on the left. I adopted them from Carolina Pet Rescue and now that they are neutered, they can be introduced to Wendy. Well...they can as soon as her persistent mites are gone--a leftover from her life as a stray.

Where have I been? San Francisco! This visit we went to Top of the Mark, made a dent in their 100 Martini menu and watched the city disappear.
Here we are! That's Sandy, Carolyn, Darcy and me! Oh yeah, and the fog creeping in behind us.

I've got another giveaway! It's a copy of Crafty Superstar for those of you with Etsy dreams and craft sale intentions. It's not brand spanking new since I read it once, but it's darn close. Besides, it's FREE if you leave a comment and you're picked randomly from all the other commenters.


Shannon Marie said...

your little pet adoption gift box is adorable! Its great that you are so loving and supportive to animals. We need more people in this world who care about animals and know that they are more than "just an animal". You can see such personality in pets. I've got two beagles and they are two different personalities and they are so funny together lol. Anyways, that book looks awesome! thanks for the chance!

NatureLovinGirl said...

I love your rats! I used to have a couple - one my brother left behind when he went off to school and one I rescued from college on the last day, before it became snake food! They really are so sweet! Your gift pack for the animal shelter was awesome too! We have three cats (two of our own and one is my neighbors who thinks he belongs to us) and three dogs. No more animals for us but we do love them like they were our own kids. Our one cat, AJ, is all gray and it is really hard to get a nice shot of her too. I finally got one the other day but it was the first time in years! She's 13 this year and still looks like a kitten! Ramble, ramble, it's animals - I could go on all day! lol! Thanks for directing me to your blog, it's really cool.

kellyisascrapdiva said...

Hi Veronica, your pets are pretty cool! Thanks for showing us the pet adoption gift box, that is really neat. I am guessing it took a long time to create that. Thanks for the opportunity and have a wonderful weekend.

P.S. Isn't SanFran fabulous?

Joan Shanks said...

Hi Veronica I love youre little pet adoption box.It is really cute.

Joan Fiskateer #808

Suzi said...

Doesn't look like SF was particularly warm and friendly. Next time come down the coast a little further to Monterey and Carmel. We're nicer here. :o) My son wrote an essay for his college English class called "My Dog's Balls." Got the teacher's attention and earned him an A. It was about the love we show animals by having them neutered, even though it seems a strange way to treat a friend! :o) Suzi #5563

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Your box is so great! It is no wonder they come to you for items for their auction! I enjoyed your pictures and stories about your pets.

Donna said...

Your blog is soooo cute! I used to rehab baby oppossums. I would love to get that cute oppossum stamp you have - can you tell me where to get it or sell me some images or something PLEASE! I collect all things oppossum.
Donna Fiskateer 6036

Sandra said...

The gift box for the pet adoption auction is very cute. I'm so glad you shared your websites with us on the Fiskateers board this morning. I've been enjoying looking around. Thanks, and yes, I'd love to read the book and then pass it on, so thanks for the chance.

Janice said...

I find your blog really interesting to read i can also see that you really love animals i love them to they are sweet to have around and also thanks for a chance to win :)