Monday, May 3, 2010

Fiskateers, Etsy, and Inlaws: Blend Well and Serve

Very pleasant weekend. My Etsy sales have picked up again following the post-xmas slump and I'm kept quite busy filling orders and working on custom items. I love my customers because they never let me get bored. I've got custom projects featuring photos of a flock of birds (the love kind, the cockateil kind, and some others too), an adorable black lab mix who is fond of showing off his belly, and stamped images a raven or two. Not everyone gets to work with such a menagerie. Pretty nifty.

Birthday cards and doxies have been on my desk too. I love this rattie jumping out of a cake (though if it happened in real life, it would probably be downright horrific.) The stamp is by In 2 Stamps, which makes lots of uber cute rat stamps. I don't understand the name though. Am I missing something?

Just returned from New Orleans to discover this unfinished, unposted post. So, this is what you get today. Tomorrow, I've got a ton of nifty things you'll want to check out. Heck, I've got enough finds and pics to keep this blog busy all week. So tune in next time...same rat-time, same rat-channel. Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh RATGIRL!

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