Monday, April 19, 2010

Saw my shadow, went back into hibernation.

But lo! It is spring! Time to crawl out from under the couch and see what's going on in the real world.
(Not the greatest pic of me ever, but Rev looks dashing. It was really sweaty out by that point and I think my face was melting. Everyone looks great squinting, too. Hubba hubba.)

Last Saturday was my favorite day of the year. That's because it's the day they held Bark Around the Park and the K9 3k! Hence, the pictures you see here. I live for this weekend every year, though I have to wonder why two of the biggest dog events of the year are held on the same day, with overlapping times. There has to be some kind of reason behind it or they'd have changed it by now, I'm sure. I find myself imagining a vicious rivalry between the two host organizations, a dogfight, if you will. Lots of snarling and fist shaking. Maybe the two organizers were in some illicit relationship that ended badly, or perhaps there was some kind of philosophical altercation over whether or not adopters should be allowed to juggle their pets provided they are otherwise excellent caretakers. Do remember, this is only speculation (read: a total figment of my overactive imagination), but why else would they stick to such a bizarre schedule?

Well, whatever the reason, it worked out nicely for us. We showed up at the park downtown (the one with the copper acorn by that guy I used to serve coffee to every day at 3rd Place. That park must have an actual name. Anyone know what it is?) While I'm asking questions about the park, does anyone know why they have a plaque with a fountain dedication on it, with no fountain in sight. Seems kind of insulting to the person it's dedicated to, though they're probably dead so in all likelihood they have no idea. But they could at least cross out the word "fountain" and write in "shrubbery" since that's what the plaque's in front of. Wow, this is a really long parenthetical statement. I've forgotten what I was saying, so I'll just start over and forget the end parenthesi. So, we showed up at the park downtown at around 10, then hit Bark Around the Park after the walk (and much tent browsing) at noon.
Poor Bark Around the Park. It was relatively desolate. Well, not desolate, but the crowds weren't like those of previous years, but d-a-n-g the giveaways were flowing. We left with a half-ton of swag, not to mention some vegan dog biscuits. I couldn't resist supporting the people sellling homemade dog biscuits after all that time I used to do that for 3rd Place. The dogs seem impressed by them and I feel slightly less guilty for letting their supply of homemade biscuits run out. After all, I wrote a whole book on cooking dog treats, you'd think I'd be on top of that. Stores like PetSmart, Pet Supermarket, and Petco were handing out whole bags of stuff. Crazy! The next most generous were the vet clinics who kindly provide us with new bag clips every year. Our potato chips thank the entire veterinary profession for preventing the onset of early staleness.

If you're looking for a cat who is good with dogs, Bark Around the Park is the place to go. This kitty, pictured below, was so casual among the dozens of dogs milling about, it was impressive. She was just lolling about in the afternoon breeze, stretching her arms as far outside the cage as she could manage, greeting everyone who stopped by with a volumous meow. Want an instant family? A nearby cage held a dog/cat duo, lounging in the shade.

I was so proud of Scott and Usagi! They did the Senior Walk (.5K) at the K9 3K along with the Triangle Game Developers to raise money for the SPCA of Wake Co. Are they not adorable?

Notice anything unusual? Yep, I wore out and was ready to go home at the same time Scott was. No kidding! I hurt pretty bad the next day, but was fine again on Monday. Wow. Usually doing half of a day like Saturday would have had me laid up for a week. Accupuncture, I love you! (And a shout out to my new meds, too!)


Jen K said...

:D I love your comment about the potato chips! I miss you guys. Hope you can come over on Sunday. The new surround sound system rocks!

kellystar said...

cute photos from your day with the dogs. I've been trying to reach won a RAK from my blog