Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get me.

So if you've been reading the last few entries here, you know about my phobia of germs and children, and of my first experience having little tykes in my house overnight. So, of course I kind of attributed my obsessive lysoling (fauxsoling? I used the cruelty-free alternative, of course) of everything the nephews touched (doorknobs, the Playstation, controllers, cabinet doors, etc. etc.) to my ocd.

Well, a few days ago we get the call that their mom is in the hospital with meningitis she caught from the little kids (though to be fair, it could have been one of their friends, too). My fears? Justified. Yep.

Thankfully, Kelye went to the hospital at the first signs that it could be meningitis and she is doing very well, has been released from the hospital and will be fine. Still, poor girl! She's still needing help at home. (My mom in law came to the rescue. She's a love!) Looks like I need to put together a little get well package. The boys are fine. Apparently viral meningitis doesn't really do much to children. They just get kind of cranky and have upset stomachs and other minor symptoms that are easily attributed to just kind of being a kid. Adults, however, suffer pretty wretchedly.
On the upside of this topic, which I'll shut up about in a sec, I got a huge stack of cute photos for scrapping. Daniel, I swear, looks just like a smaller version of Dewey from Malcom in the Middle. Awwwww...
Stay tuned...we'll be returning to your regularly scheduled craft programming next.


lisa said...

I'm not a fan of the germ either...I keep anti-bacterial handiwipes with me at all times! And one of my favorite TV shows is Monk....go figure! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog!

Ellen said...

Kiddie cooties, I love them! Glad your visit went well. Can't wait to see the pics.