Sunday, February 15, 2009

So, is it still vegan?

Just had to share this article with all of you out there in TV Land. I have to wonder if those canned mushrooms are still considered vegan if they can have that many insects included with my yummy fungus?

Seriously, until now I had chalked rumors of this up to elementary school legend, much like the spider eggs in Bubble Yum (or was that Bubblicious? One of those juicy cubed gums, anyway.) I realize that having 3 pet rats, a little rodent hair may be found, from time to time, in something I cook, but those are *my* rodent hairs. I don't want some stranger rat swimming in my pasta sauce. Gross!

Why the dark, poor-quality picture of Zombie, my short-tailed-opossum today? He's sadly very weak and elderly and many not have a lot of time left. If you have a moment, please send him a little love. Thanks.

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