Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Happy Holidays!

Wow, I'm like a bajillion posts behind! There were so many events I planned to cover, so many photos to upload. So for Christmas, Yule, or actually it's Kwanzaa at the moment, so for that, I am asking that we all pretend that I've written fabulous, interesting, mind expanding, bold, creative, ingenious blogs every single day since its inception. Which means only, oh about a week has gone by. And what an exciting week it has been, right folks? Wink wink.

Today was fake Christmas here at the ol' Rat's Nest. We're running a couple days late because we spent real Christmas at Walt Disney World, the most scrapbookable place on Earth! I love scrapbooking because it makes every big event twice as exciting since you get to live it, then document it. And with all the cool crap Disney makes, I can totally make my fifth Disney scrapbook and never use the same product twice. Kick ass!

My first was a little rough. I didn't have a real scrapbook, just a photo album with picture sized slots and a little space for journaling. I used store-bought embellishments primarily. That's not a bad thing, but I hadn't really developed my style and was on my own when it came to technique. At that time I was a closet scrapper. Honestly, my image of what scrapbooking was all about was pretty scary. Construction paper cut into circles and stickers shaped like giant headed kids doing charming things, country cutie lettering, lots of gingham. Mix in some titles like "Cool Dude" with a picture of either a kid or dog in sunglasses. Or bubble letters reading "Lordy Lordy Look Who's Forty!" and caption stickers of little clouds coming out of people's mouths saying things like "Ain't I cute?" and "What smells?" Hyuk! I had no idea there were other options.

But, I wanted to record my trip so I hid in the proverbial closet and created my first scrapbook with some Jolees and stuff I had won in a contest online with EK Success. I had tripped over the contest while I was complaining about some stickers I bought to stick on my mail (they were apparently on the shelf a long time--they wouldn't come off the backing, but that's not important.) As I went through the stash of things they sent, I got more excited about working on the book and when I was done, I even showed Scott and one or two other people what I'd done. My first little step out of the scrap closet.

So, Disney has a special place in my scrappy little heart. That mouse is welcome in this rat's nest any day.

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