Monday, October 22, 2007

More Pajama Fun

Here are the other hosts! Terri, my recruiter :) is the one on the right. Love those silky jammies. Hubba hubba! We had the whole Masonic Lodge to ourselves which was pretty neat too, since I'd always wondered what was inside that huge building. Lots of halls, mostly. It kind of reminded me of a labrynthian elementary school. If that was the case, the room we were in would be the cafetorium. Tables had 2 or 3 card stations set up and I travelled around them with my peeps, helping demonstrate the techniques when needed.

Despite my best efforts at instruction, there were two Crop-a-dile injuries in our group. Since I was one of them (I'm the one with vaguely purple hair in the third pic here), it's possible that Laura (right there next to what I'm writing right now) was just copying my finger crushing technique. I don't think I'll try teaching it to anyone else. Eyelet setter pinches really hurt, even if our injuries didn't show up so well on our film documentation. Now we'll never win our lawsuit to obtain one of every item from the Stampin' Up catalog for each of us. I doubt they'll even try to settle out of court for half (Laura and I decided we could just crop together all the time and thus it would still be like we had everything in the catalog. Pretty clever, huh? In real life you can still see my Crop-a-dile scar, and I think that makes me pretty hardcore no matter how you look at it.
Okay, so I just uploaded this picture of me and it's really an awful one, but the truth must be known. The people must be warned! Beware the jaws of the Crop-a-dile! Their attacks are unpredictable and may prove deadly if you somehow manage to wedge your carotid artery in the eyelet setting part. Or if the cut on my finger gets packed with razor sharp glitter, then infected with anaerobic bacteria. Lockjaw kills, people.

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