Monday, December 31, 2012

Thinking about the new year...

Happy New Year's Eve! Every year I spend a week or two in December mulling over ideas for things I have hopes for doing in the new year. One thing I'm trying to go for this year is posting here more regularly, if for no other reason than it makes me feel slightly less the suburban hermit, holed up in my climate controlled cave, with the wolves (er, dogs, cats and little animals) who raised me as their own. At least I'm putting something of myself out there on a regular basis. I don't know what kind of a start this is, but I've been crazy for the pictures lately, so I thought I'd close out 2012 by sharing some of my favorite December photos.
 My brothers, Nick and Mikey, sent me this photo from their west coast tour with Scars and Stripes. So nice that California welcomed them with a television interview. In 3D, no less. You guys are such nerds, and I feel I can take some of the credit for setting a good example in nerdliness.
Next: Here are Scott and I waiting for the Xmas parade to begin in the small mountain town of Bryson. (I almost claimed not to remember the name of the city. See if *you* can figure out how I miraculously figured it out.) Not shown: Darcy, my best friend, behind the camera.

 I love this picture of my sweet and tolerant Goosey, allowing me to dress him up in Revco's favorite snood, made by For Paws and Home, another fabulous Etsy shop I just can't stay away from. I ended up ordering two more of these in Halloween and Xmas colors. He's wearing the red and green one today since it doesn't interfere with his dislocated/relocated hip's recovery.We even sent a couple more, plus some of her cool snakey toys she makes (Rat Terriers love any toy they can shake the life out of) to his Secret Santa over at the People Honoring American Rat Terriers group.
And finally, here's a picture of my little troublemaker, Violet, doing her best to look angelic while being dreadfully naughty, having climbed to the top of the Xmas tree. We finally had to get out her nemesis, the compressed air container, to convince her to leave the tree alone--all it takes is the sound of the air escaping, possibly because it sounds like a gigantic invisible tiger hissing at her? Not sure.
I had to add one more picture at the last minute. You may recognize this little sweetheart from my avatar I use pretty much everywhere, my business cards for my etsy shop, etc. He's Vincey, and he passed on yesterday. He was about 3.5 years old, which is quite elderly for a rat. He had been slowing down and slowing more until finally, yesterday, his little body just gave up. I wish him an auspicious rebirth, somewhere safe, around others who will love and cherish him the way he deserves. He loved scritches behind his ears and a treat in his paws. He was a loving brother to Howard, who passed on about 6 months prior, who he clearly missed and greived. He bounced back to his happy, box destroying, nest embellishing self and lived quite happily to the end.

I want to thank Carolina Pet Rescue for entrusting these precious little lives to my care. Vincent and Howard brough so much love and fun to our home, I hope I can repay you somewhat by fostering others. Stay tuned to see who.


Teresa Buchholz said...

So sorry about Vincey. When life turns to lemons you kinda need to put down the Marshmallow Vodka and look for tequila. Miss you, I'll be home right after I pull that 5ft mouses tail for Vincey!

Anonymous said...

Veronica I am so sorry to hear about Vincey. He was lucky to have you as a Mom. And so is bad kitty in that cool looking tree. Thanks for mentioning my shop too.