Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scrap Room Pics and A Couple of Challenge Entries

Well, I'm not done figuring out exactly where I want all my scrap supplies to live, but Scott's finished the majority of the build! I'm so psyched to get to play in there for real, with comfy places to sit and other creature-comforts, but I have to say, it's pretty great to use in the mean time.

Scott surprised me with this tree he pained using magnetic paint so I can hang things on it or just admire its swirlyness.

I love seeing pics of other people's work spaces, so I'm really excited to finally have some pics to share of my own. Once it gets a bit more settled, I can take more detailed photos. It always seems like every time you move something in the house, everything else has to shift to accommodate it, so it takes time for everything to find its proper location. Maybe it's some kind of larger truth I've stumbled upon, or maybe it's my OCD. Duno.

And now, for some card challenges I made. First, here's one from Whimsie Doodles' site. The challenge? To include fruits or veggies. So, here's a tipsy sheep (the inside says "Wishing ewe a happy new year!") and of course, those are olives from the martini she's just consumed. Olives, my friends, are a fruit!
 Next, the challenge below is a sketch challenge via Card Patterns. The image here is also from Whimsie Doodles. I've been needing more get well cards and this cat and mouse are perfect! Aww!


aqualeiga said...

OMG Veronica, I am SOOOOO jealous!! Lol! This looks amazing, and how lovely is your Scott, what a lovely idea, he obviously lurves you very much!

Big hugs, Ali x

PS. I left you an answer to your question about the teepee card on the For Fun yahoo group page :)

Lindsay said...

Fabulous room and an adorable card! Thank you for joining us at Card Patterns!

Donna said...

OH MY!!!! This is FANTABULOUS! And Scotts tree is so wonderful! I am so inspired by it - I may have to find a place for a magnetic tree in my room. Your cards are perfectly adorable.