Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yule Log HD 2010

I consider myself quite the conneseur of video fireplace DVD's, so I was very pleased to discover that Time-Warner Cable has generously provided its subscribers with a free-on-demand yule log this year.

Believe it or not, these videos vary quite a bit. In particular, it's always an interesting surprise to see exactly how much of the fireplace itself is shown. This one, titled "Yule Log HD 2010" goes for the classic tv-set-as-fireplace look, clipping the image close so it is as if the inside of your television is actually on fire (and made of brick). The soundtrack is festive holiday music, sans voices, heavy on the french horns. I'm content, and will likely view it frequently over the next month (if it lasts that long. Being a "Yule Log" it should, thoretically, be removed after Yule, aka Winter Solstice, when the Yule Log is to be burned down to nothing. I somehow doubt that it will be taken down till post Dec. 25, however.) (When is Yule this year, anyway?)

I'm a bit disappointed that I lack the necessary equipment to enjoy "Yule Log 3D 2010", so if you have a 3D tv and the funky glasses needed, would you tell me about your experience please? A word of warning, before watching...the creators zoom in dramatically at various points throughout the production, which in 3D, I can only imagine, is terrifying as you suddenly are plunged deep within the flames, as if you yourself have caught fire. Beware.

This is the first fireplace video I've seen that includes a full set of credits at the end, including executive producers and whatnot. I suppose so you know who to thank for this festive (and in 3D sometimes heart-stopping) log. Thanks Time-Warner!

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