Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Upside-down Lampshades, Hedgehogs, and Assorted Spaniels

I've been awfully busy over the last week or perhaps a little more, trying to keep up and shake the pain that hangs on like stressed out caiman (one of my favorite reptiles, actually. No offense to any crocodillans intended, of course, but they do have rather tensile jaws.) Accupuncture helps, but sometimes the pain is so deep it takes a lot of things helping before I can compose myself and think straight, much less contribute to society in any type of meaningful way.

So in the time between being struck dumb with pain and just being stranded on Couch Island with the pain, it seemed like a good time to make a set of Get Well cards!
When I saw this stamp at Rubber Hedgehog, I knew I had to make it mine. There's very little more sweetly pitiful than a dog running around with a lampshade on his head. (It's okay to let out a sympathetic giggle provided they're up and about and not too ill, right? :)) Poor little guy! I know, they're not really called lampshades. They're Elizabethan Collars or E-Collars. I don't like to use the latter because it's easy to confuse E-C0llar with Electronic Shock Collars, which I loathe. They will screw up your dog. But I'm wandering off course. I'll try to stay on topic. :)

Speaking of Rubber Hedgehog, if you have a cute pet (and if you have a pet, you of course have a cute one!) Rubber Hedgehog runs a contest every year to pick a new pet to be a model for one of their stamps! Check out the rules and regulations on their website. I'm thinking of sending in pics of a few of my pets, maybe. Whoever wins, it's always really cool to see the stamps they end up making. I've bought several stamps featuring their winners because they always pick adorable ones.

Also keeping me busy is making cards for charity. A Cocker Spaniel rescue group asked for some card sets and samples for their auction and goodiebags. I know this one's a springer spaniel, but hey, they're both spaniels. I'm particularly fond of the Bond-girl Silhouetted Dog style paper. I'm pretty sure I got it out of the take-n-leave basket at Jen K's so someone reading this may have been the one who tossed it out. If so, thanks!

Yeah, and I know this one's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, not a cocker, but I figure I like other dogs who look kind of like mine--Parson Russels, certain Chihuahuas, Toy Fox Terriers, etc. So I'm hoping the people at the Cocker fund raiser are the same way.
This one came out oddly Fourth of July-ish. Those are not colors I tend use much, but sometimes you don't know what you're going to do until it's made.
So, hang in there with me till I'm back upright again. There are pictures and links and other things to share next post.

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