Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I love Etsy!

I've had an Etsy store for a few months, but only recently have I been really using it to its fullest potential. I quit Stampin' Up with the dawn of the new demonstrator agreement*, which inspired me t0 get serious about my store, Scrappyrat Designs. I'm still building up my inventory, a goal which I'm happy to say has been hampered by a jump in sales. Sure the filthy luchre is nice, but I just love how my heart jumps with every sale message that shows up in my email box. My insides get all smiley knowing someone likes the stuff I make. It's second only to the almost electrical zap I get with each acceptance letter I receive for one of my poems or other projects. I'm sure anyone who participates in any sort of creative endeavor can relate.

We really put something very raw and personal out there, which is more than a little scary. In that harsh reality that is kindergarten, we learn pretty quick that we aren't the apple of the rest of the world's eye and that maybe our Sears catalog collage isn't the greatest work created since Picasso's blue period, as our parents led us to believe. Then there's the horror of Junior High and that time the boy you had a serious crush on for months found your super-private notebook you wouldn't even show your best friend and read your most dramatic and heartfelt poem aloud in a crappy "British" accent, much to the amusement of the rest of the class. Remember laughing along, hoping that no one would know that you were the one who wrote it?

It's nice to feel a little redemption. Every time someone picks up something from my Etsy site, buys one of my books off Amazon or Lulu, or an editor sends me a letter saying they want my writing in their magazine, or when a publisher takes a chance on publishing a book of mine, those nasty little memories sting just a tiny bit less.

Here's the new giveaway...tell me one of your creative horror stories, one of those times a teacher or classmate cut you off at the knees artistically. I'll choose someone at random to win some retired Stampin' Up goodies from my stash to make those wounds close up a little faster. :)

Want to double your chances to win? Finish your comment with a link to a project you're particularly proud of.

Drawing will take place in 2 weeks, on Wed. the 21st.

P.S. Check it out! I've been featured in the fabulous Triangle Street Team blog:

*I won't go in depth, since it's likely that you've already read a ton of gossip about it, some true, some not, on a kajillion other websites. If you wish to know more, the best explanation I've seen is on one a blog I read religiously, Craft Critique. While you're there, subscribe to their blog newsletter. You won't regret it!


stampkjs said...

Unfortunately it was my own mother that hurt my attempt at creativity. I was an only child of working parents and lived in the country miles away from the nearest neighbor. Summers were long day after day all by myself. One week I worked day after day cutting out pictures from the Sears and J.C. Penny's Catalogs. I created the most amazing Fashion Design's for the upcoming 1969 season! This was long before the Fashion Design shows on TV. At weeks end I couldn't wait for my mom to come home to show her what kept me busy all week. Looking back I now realize it was the end of a long hard working week for my Mother. At that time though when she didn't even take my Design Portfolio from my hands to oo and ah over it, I was crushed beyond words. I can still feel the pit in my stomach. I reasoned with myself but the insecure Kelly took over and I told myself that it was the stupidest thing to waste time on and that any kid my age could "cut pages" from a catalog and glue them on construction paper! As I stated, I now know my mom was tired, stressed out and made the mistake I am sure most mothers make at one time; we come home and just want one minute of peace when we walk in the house before we have to give more of ourselves to the ones we truly do love the most. Mom and I are the best of friends and I love her dearly.

Lesa said...

I just wanted to let you know that your tags and cards are so cute! So happy that your Etsy store is starting out with a bang!
Thank you for sharing your story, too. Nothing comes to mind concerning my creativity but plenty of other crawl under the desks do. I have a forest of trees to climb and limbs to navigate in my creative journey yet.

Anonymous said...

Such an inspiring story! I'd have to say my scariest scrapbook memory is when me and my family was visiting family in Reno, NV (we live there now!) from San Jose, CA. Since the elevation is so drastically different that San Jose, When I went to go scrapping at the lss, I opened my stickles, and low and behold, My stickles started overflowing!! For some reason, I REALLY do not like wasting my stickles. It's like why waist $3? Anyway, I FREAKED out. Luckily, one of the ladies there told me, "Bang it on the table!!!" ........ BANG BANG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whew, it stopped. =)

Jenny said...

Well, I was at work and I thought something I had made was just simply beautiful and so I showed it to my collegue! (Steven) He looked at it and said without skipping a beat, "That is the uglist SARC I've ever seen." To say the least I was a little bummed.. I still hold it over his head.. :)

I'm pretty proud of this:

Jenn Fiskateer #6361