Thursday, May 7, 2009

Projects All Over the Place!

I felt really remorseful about quitting the Club Scrap kit club, so I caved and rejoined. I just love their totally unique papers and the people in the Club Scrap Community. I all the swaps and other ways of sharing our work and ideas. Not that I *have* to be in the club to participate, but it helps. I had let my kits stack up, being rather depressed, having lost interest in just about everything for about 6 mo. to a year there. I didn't realize that my depression had jumped from being down about my pain, losing my dad, the tough nature of rescue work, to a clinical form.

I don't know why, but somewhere in that nasty bout of bronchitis, etc. the depression broke like my fever. Don't fret, I am still getting help, but suddenly things were in color again, Wizard of Oz style.
Jumping into the last kit I received before quitting, which I had just set aside without touching, here are some projects made with the Milestones kit. Honestly, this one's a little hard to connect to its name, but on the other hand, that's probably a good thing. "Milestones" sounds like something, which is far from this hip, vibrant, eggplant and chartruese combination. Warning: One kit makes a LOT of stuff!
ATC's. Most have been given away by now via my ATC/Altered Art meetup. It's fun. Come with us sometime.

I love these regal lions. You may recognize them from the Cricut which I used profusely the last time I was visiting Cary Table Scraps Meetup. I'd never really used a Cricut before, so I cut a slew of stuff to bring home, as you'll see in the following pics.

Longstem rose stamp courtesy of Big Lots. Last time I was there they had a small assortment of Hampton Arts stamps--really excellent quality stamps--for $1-$2. Hoopla! I colored these in using some really cool AtyouSpica twinkling pens. Kind of like Twinkling H2O's but in a pen. Love them!
Check it out. Little embossed doggies! Are they not painfully cute? Of course they are! You can hardly stand it, I know! Thank you Jen K! These were a birthday present she gave me. The balloon one s my favorite. I could just see Revco having that same expression if I was nasty enough to tie him to a balloon and let it go. Aww!

This is my favorite project. It's a Tombo adhesive box I was carrying my ATC's around in after I noticed they fit perfectly inside. The problem was, who wants to be seen lugging around a Tombo adhesive box like some kind of security blanket. Not me, pal! So, I covered it, added some wire and charms (hard to see, but on the side, there's a little silver bird and some neat brightly colored wire from the old-school Stampin' Up Wire Works kit. Why-oh-why-oh did they ever discontinue this item?

Oh my lord, am I sure I want this on the internet? Yeah, that's me on the right, my long-time pal-for-life, Jeni O on the left, both of us defining the term "awkward phase" for the camera.


Teresa let me play with her Stampin' Up rose embossing folder. The neat corner thingies came with the kit, so did the cool gold paint marker that I used to trace the embossed design in the middle.

Sorry this layout is split into two pictures, but I couldn't get a clear pic close enough that everything wasn't just a mess of tiny little purple and chartreuse blips. Every Club Scrap kit comes with a page map (actually they come with lots, but only one that's a extra complicated one, which I like to do each time, just for kicks. These are pics I took when Iwas in San Francisco in Feb. There's such a cool bond between Darcy and Tara, I couldn't miss a chance to snap some pics I think capture that love. Working rescue all these years, I see so much sadness, so many unwanted, unloved animals completely alone in the world, when I see a bond like this one, I have to grab that moment on "film". This is why I adore pet photography.

Whew! That's quite a bit from one kit. Stay tuned for more, coming soon!

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