Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Carte Postale: My Favorite stamp set from the current Stampin Up catalog...

Well, it had an unfair advantage being French and all, but damn, it also has a lot of stamps in it. They take advantage of *all* the space in the box. :) There's no extra shaking space in there.
Okay, so maybe you think I just picked this to talk about because I'm skipping down the yellow brick road toward Stampin Up demohood, but no! This project was done as a plug for Pizzazzill cardstock (if you look very carefully, you'll see itty bitty polka dots on the pink paper.) Yes, you may call me a corporate whore, but indeed, I did enter a project for every single day of the Pizzazzill (still bugs me that its name looks like an attempt by Pizza Hut to make pizza look slightly different so you'll think it's somehow totally new) contest, except for the days when I had the flu. I went through a huuuuge stack of their cardstock ( I see...truly they are the winners. What a fool and errant knave am I!) At any rate, this is one of the many.
The base is pink polka dot cardstock. The next two layers are from a K & Co. cardstock stack book, including the nifty little photo corners. I then stamped (using Elegant Eggplant S.U. ink) the birds and words, then just for kicks, added a black fleur de lis to grab attention at the forefront, adding a little depth. It still seemed lacking...too "hey, it's layers!" so I punched a hole halfway down the back half of the card, one on each side, then threaded the ribbon through both. I should have taken a pic of the back to make it easier to replicate, but essentially you want the majority of the ribbon strip to lie flat on the back, with the ends threaded through each of the holes, then tied around the front of the card to hold it closed. Add a little buckle, either from the Hodgepodge Hardware set or perhaps something similar found at a hardware store (I need to do further research on this topic...stay tuned!)
One thing Scott pointed out--I made this for his mom--is that if the recipient isn't too familiar with "interactive" type cards that they might need a hint to know that they are supposed to untie the card and open it. I figured his mom was smart enough to figure it out on her own. If I hear otherwise, I'll let you know.

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